About us  

Company Profile
Shiv Shankar Hardware Corpn. is involved in the manufacturer of different types of Cotter Pins & Split Pins. We have been highly successful in developing several import substitutes for original equipment manufacturers in India. Our products conform to international quality standards and cater to the needs of industries.

Shiv Shankar Hardware Corpn. is committed to use innovative techniques and machinery to develop our components. This helps us to offer better services to our customers in terms of cost competitiveness, good quality, shorter lead times for new products & timly deliever.

Shiv Shankar Hardware Corpn is engaged in manufacturing & Exporting the Cotter pins, Split Pins & all type of washers from more than two decades. The company is highly professional and following the Rule of an International standard. It believe in on time delivery & at the utmost reasnoable prices with the given Instruction by the parties. We are almost supplying Our Products i.e cotter pins,Split Pins & all type of washers of various part of the world. We are heartly welcome to all the new comers or the business partners who really are interested to spred with us in the Remaining market.

Quality has been the utmost priority since the very beginning. Shiv Shankar Hardware Corpn. manufacture high quality products under the supervision of our most experienced technical staff. Our customers are fully satisfied with quality of our products and prompt services followed by them. We are dedicated to the precept of serving the society and mankind through our quality products and for that we try to find various methods of reducing wastage and improving production.

Our Priorities
Our emphasis has been to achieve superior performance and high quality products at low cost. Quality at our end means nothing less than the product at a reasonable cost, which represent and satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers with continual improvement.